Mother Nature had painted the world so beautifully. It depends on us what we leave for our coming  generations.

Nature Reclamation

The scope in Himalayan Herbs Research is endless. There are several herbs still unknown and benefits undiscovered. Researchers are welcome for research in Eastern Himalayan Treasure of Herbs.

Himalayan Herbs

By promoting Research Tourism in the region we not only contribute to medical science but also stimulate better rural liveli hood and educational opportunities for otherwise less talked rural population of the region.

Rural Development

Area of Influence


Educate rural people in use of healing herbs, importance of hygiene, sanitation, etc.
Researchers are welcomed at our facility to do their research in EASTERN HIMALAYAN TREASURE OF HERBS. Some hurbs that are currently under observation are Kalu Chindae, Bhui-Champa (Thunder Lily) etc.

Nature Reclamation

Includes Object Oriented initiatives like plantation  of 1.5 Lack Trees in waste lands of Murmah Tea Gardens of Mirik and to make communities fully aware of environmental issues. And Furthering this initiative to other parts of India.

Rural Development of Eastern Himalyan Region

Socio Economic Development of Rural Population by developing avenues of better earning opportunities and educational facilities to impart quality elementary education to rural pupils belonging to the weaker section of society, with development of moral and cultural practices.

Save Trees - They Save Us
Himalayan Herbs

Himalayan Heritage

Only found in Himalayan foothils


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What they say about us

I came to meet Mr. Dewan when one of my friend accompanied him to my office in Delhi. There he invited me to Mirik to have a look at the works that he and his organisation is doing.  Later when I went to Darjeeling I also planed to visit Mr. Dewan. I did not expect to see what I saw  with my bare eyes.  A forest planted by one man! certainly unbelievable.  Further we had great visit to his beautiful jungle garden of valuable medicinal herbs.  I think his work is commendable and researchers should avail the benefits provided by him in the lower Eastern Himalayas.

P A Gurung, (Father of Taekwondo India)

I feel fortunate to meet Mr Dewan, a living legend. I am really impressed by his efforts that has resulted in plantation of a huge number of trees in and around Mirik region. As of now it is not possible to count the number of trees planted and to calculate its impact on the environment. It has always been a cause of encouragement for me to see him working so enthusiastically even in this age. I pray for his health and request thy-lord to keep him fit and fine. The researchers from around the world can gain great benefits from him in the lower Eastern Himalayas.

Minhaj Rizvi (Founder Promoter : International Environmentalist’s Association)

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Mr. L B Dewan


Friends of Trees Forum,

Mirik, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Mr Thupdenla Sherpa


Friends of Trees Forum,

Mirik, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Karma Sherpa


Friends of Trees Forum,

Mirik, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Gayatri Sherpa

PRO / Member,

Friends of Trees Forum,

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