Kalo – Chinde is a Nepali name given to this herb because of its dark blackish shoots. It grows in lower Eastern parts of Himalayan Mountains between 1000M to 1600M as far as it is observed to be found. Though we now culture it in a bush form, this belongs to a tree species. If the bushes are left to grow they grow in large trees with big trunks. Earlier the branches and green leaves were used for cattle fodder and dark colored tender shoots as wild vegetables by the villagers of the vicinity. It was found that consumption of the juices which were thrown after boiling earlier gave great results in Kidney Problems in initial stages. No side effects of this herb are yet recorded.

As a result of promotion of these tinder leaves several people tried the mature foliage and the barks due to unavailability of  the tender shoots of the trees and they too reported to have positive results.

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